Cheap party ideas


All of these ideas can be done at the party and make for great party favors for guests!

Click on the pictures below to purchase from Amazon.


gelato maker

Seed bombs

Create your own snow globes


Chalktivity chalk stomper stamps, pogo stick, + rainbow jump rope

Create your own erasers

Doodling mats



Decorate your own BPA free water bottle for $8! Each bottle comes with 5 markers guests can take home with them.

Grab a table + place one DIY accordion memory scrapbook per seat.  Guests take home scissors + other supplies as party favors.   Whole package = $15 per guest

Scoop up crystals + stones in a bag per guest! Stones and crystals are ideal for relaxation or home decor.


Pass out one to two stones per guest:


ea pink stone ~$1 each ideal for Valentine’s Day or girl parties or breast cancer survivors



Fills up a plastic bin with these beads for sensory fun!

bubble machines are great for indoor + outdoor parties



Barista Bar for kids with apron + cups + chocolate powder

Create a scavenger hunt around your home and pass out these expedition tools to guests to find hidden treasures!

Create your own window art for $9.97 with 12 sun catchers to offer as party favors! For parties of 12, that is less than $1 per guest.  Paint and decorate 10 rocks as party favors for ~$10.  For parties of 10, that is about $1 per guest.


10 bead projects for $12.49                   pressed flower art

butterfly necklaces 6 pack                       magnetic tiles 10 pack

10 headbands                                                                         create 18 bouncy balls


Melt + mold crayons into new shapes with the Crayola Crayon Factory! Have guests take new crayons home!


Fly around this RCtown drone and have friends take turns.

-create homemade pasta using this kids pasta maker! Naturally dye the pasta with beet juice.  Play around with pasta lengths and types.

-melt crayons, candles, jellies, or candies in these fun molds that can be used for freezing ice too.



-adopt stuffed teddy bears, dinosaurs, sea creatures, or other bulk wholesale stuffed animals, dress them up, and give as gifts to guests to take home.  You can purchase stuffed toys from me directly.  Here are links to pet adoption certificates:

-decorate pillowcases and use as party favor bag.  Use 100% cotton pillowcases for tie dye or fabric markers.

you can purchase from me whatever quantity you need.  Sharpie markers used on cotton products are laundry safe, do not fade in the wash, and do not bleed through fabrics.


-create cake pops, chocolate, or lollipops with sticks

-create mini aquariums by adding 1 to 2 drops of blue food coloring to water in a plastic jar with plastic lid.  Have each child add plastic toy sea animals from a large bowl into the jar.



-decorate crowns + tiaras using stickers, sequins, ribbons, craft paper, markers, crayons


-have your aspiring chefs + bakers wear a chef hat with apron at the party and make pizzas from scratch or have a baking station to make cookies or brownies using  sprinkles, frosting, cream


-toothbrushes w/guest names tags attached make healthy party favors; eco-friendly bamboo biodegradable toothbrushes make great “green” party favors


-create ribbon dancers using cheap plastic shower curtains and ribbons.  Double knot the ribbons on the ring.  Ribbon length is up to the dancer!

-create fairy wands using twigs and ribbons.  Knotting ribbons on twigs is fairy fun!

-create scented homemade lip gloss using coconut oil and Kool-Aid


recipe: 2 TBS coconut oil, 1/2 package of Kool-Aid, 1 tsp sugar, and enough water to form paste.  Soften coconut oil in microwave safe cup but do not liquefy.  Pour in another cup  Kool-Aid. Add water to Kool-Aid and see color.  Add sugar to Kool-Aid.  Then add all three ingredients to coconut oil.  Pour mixture into gloss containers and let them cool completely.

-homemade bird seed kits with a resealable plastic bag, bird seed, cookie cutter, printed recipe.  Write “for birds only” on the bag so guests do not think it is people food!

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