Book swap party

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Book swap parties encourage guests to bring books and magazines to swap with other guests.  It is a great way to help the environment by avoiding books and magazines cluttering our landfills and encourage a love of reading.

-for large quantities of books and magazines, have guests drop items off earlier in the day or week to organize and display.  For smaller quantities, have guests bring items with them at the start of the party.

-invite guests with similar or different tastes.  With different tastes, there is more of a likelihood that books of all genres with be selected and avoid having leftovers.  With similar tastes there might be more competition for the same books.

-dust books and magazines to improve their appeal and help allergy sufferers

-write on an index card or post it note the book summary and why you would recommend

10 pack of table card holds 8.6″


index cards 


-match books to snacks by checking out this great website with recipes + ideas:

-serve snacks guests can hold with one hand so the other hand is free to pick up books or leaf through magazines

-have tables to spread out books and magazines.  Place table cards indicating sections such as romance, mystery, science fiction, kids, geography, or reference.

-donate remaining books and magazines to thrift shops, book drop off bins, schools, or libraries and have boxes available to pack up remainders.

-index cards, table card holders, post its, and pens are all great supplies to stock in the house for future parties, school, projects, and work.