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Gift wrap

Gift wrap is one of those items that is often not accepted for curbside recycling in many towns.  Hence, it ends up in the trash after one time use.  Here are ways to save money while helping the environment for wrapping gifts regardless of occasion:

old calendars

maps, including subway maps

copies of old bus or train schedules


old tissue paper



old gift bags

potato chip bags that are empty + washed w/ soap and water

scarves 10 packs multi color ~$4 each

sweaters- find at consignment shops, thrift stores, online, Goodwill


pack of 50 for $21.25

12 pack of flour sack towels


napkins 12 pack 19 x 19 for $16.16


All of these items can be reused or kept for future purposes.  On the invitation, you can politely ask guests to please not wrap gifts as a way of helping the environment.