Goody bags, parting favors, + gifts

Hot Wheels Race cars packs in varying quantities to pass out a toy car to each guest



Fidgetz mesh and marble toys for stress and anxiety relief in kids.  8 pack for $8.99.  Pass out a couple to each guest as a party favor.

Flower pot kits 12 pack at $2.42 each

Buy from Amazon by clicking on the pictures below.  I’m an Amazon affiliate so your purchase helps support my blog.

Plant your pencils + watch them grow herbs! Pass out 1 to 2 pencils per guest.



Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr’s important message all year with these journals + notebooks!



Seed bombs wild bird mixture $1.65

12 pack wall or table picture frames 4 x 6 for $25.99

gemstones in a corked bottle

magnifying glass bulk 24 pack $9.99

Pass out party favors + gifts in reusable plastic scrapbook cases!

clear plastic 12 x 12 scrapbook six cases ~$6 to $10 each


playing cards pack


lip scrub tubes in 6 different flavors or 4 different flavors in containers

Yankee Candle AC & air vent freshener vent sticks pack; Yankee candle scented charms

Yankee Candle Fragrance sphere odor neutralizing beads last 30 days + are great for lockers, closets, bathrooms, or other small spaces.  Beads shrink after 30 days.

cupcake flavored dental floss + cupcake flavored mints

Pass out $5 to $10 gift cards to guests to replace passing out party bags filled with junky, disposable items.


Glittery sunscreen 10 packets SPF 50+

stencil kit with 12 reusable stencils + paper pads + colored pencils

Globe shaped or butterfly shaped seed packets.  Try putting a handful in each goody bag.  Per the directions, soaking the globe packets in water overnight.





-coloring books, activity books, crossword puzzles, mazes


where to buy: Michael’s, Barnes and Noble, Ocean State Job Lot, Walmart, especially in the bargain or clearance sections

-bulk canvas tote bags are fun to decorate and replace cheap, disposable plastic or paper party bags.  Take the party with you to the grocery store or anywhere after the party ends.

-school supplies in a zipper pouch



-scrapbook supplies



-cookie cutters

-rubber spatulas

-blanks journals