Party favors for adults (tasteful, useful, no junk allowed)

Candle warmers 4 for ~$30 release scents w/out flame while keeping soups/drinks warm

Runamok maple syrup sampler.  Pass one bottle on to each guest

Isn’t it nice to remember the parents or adults at a kids party? Make your party extra special and unforgettable by giving party favors for adults.

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4 pack unbreakable wine/coffee/toasting cups ~$6 each

infused salt set ~$5 each

Resistance bands for exercising

All Natural French Red Clay facial sponge

Wine 2 Go reusable, flexible, foldable wine flask

Moisturizing gloves + socks 12 pack $12.95               moisturizing spa gloves 6 pack


Vietnamese coffee or Thai iced tea at $3 per serving:


six pack of reeds for less than $2 per bundle:

Vanilla beans for baking or cooking:

probiotic bar 10 pack (please note tree nut allergies)

dry shampoo pack

Beef jerky

Cedar planks to enhance cooking

essential oils set; pass out individual bottles for guests to use at home in bathtub, humidifier, massage, + laundry

Bottle Bright tablets clean water bottles; sneaker balls deodorize shoes, gym bags + lockers

dental floss 6 pack for ~$18

pizza cutters $5 each                         tie ribbon around a pack of microfiber cleaning cloths

 50% off gel wrist mouse pads

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Candy from the 1980s

spice sampler

yogurt starter                                                  kefir starter sachets

waffles individually wrapped and ready to eat (no need to heat)

cookie butter (great on fruit, crackers, or straight off the spoon)

honey packets on the go (a rush of sweetness when you’re in a rush)

nut milk bags to create nut milk at home

chamomile tea bags help you sleep at night

lip balms

plant pots

grow your own mushroom kit. Check out recipes to make with the mushrooms

wine filter wands look great with a ribbon tied around them

six pack of himalayan salt shot glasses