Plan ahead

Create a custom yard card for your special event!

Check out Talia Pollock’s healthy recipes book to serve at your next party!

pexels-photo-998589.jpegWays to save money and make your party go smoothly with less stress

-say “heave-ho” to the hired help and hail your herd of pals to help in cooking, baking, cleaning, and setting up

-decide if it is better to host at home vs venue; one may not always be cheaper than the other depending on a number of factors.  Bouncetown in Canton is a venue that does the entire set up, clean up, and food serving for the party.  If you hold the party at home, what better time to apply your hosting skills from reading Martha Stewart, Good Housekeeping, and Real Simple magazines.

-a party budget saves money like a budget for a wedding or car repairs.  Keep in mind if you go over budget it may affect your spending on other expenses (ie food, home, school, health, insurance, etc) for the remainder of the year.

Pecan smoking chips for your barbecue                       Coconut based charcoal logs


sliding door track cleaner

Keurig Hot Rinse Pods

Ninja milk frother

portable compact dishwasher



Check out these budget planner journals for ~$4 to $6:



-more isn’t always better; try to limit the number of guests invited.

-bake or cook at home instead of doing takeout, delivery, or catering.  Try a potluck kids birthday party where on the invitation you ask for each person to bring a dish.

-Create your own party decorations or reuse from previous parties.  Check Facebook, Freecycle, or  Craigslist  for free or reduced cost party decorations.

-Download free printables online for invitations, charts, games, puzzles, thank you cards

reusable plastic straws                                      reusable wrap for sealing food containers


reusable plastic serving bowls                                 lighter 4 pack BIC


strike on matches box 

high fired Vitaclay cooker in clay pot                  snap on colander good for folks w/limited                                                                                                        kitchen storage space


Evite erases money spent on paper invites, paper envelopes, stamps.

-state on the invitation if other siblings are welcome and any items to bring.  For example, if it is a pool party, ask people to bring swimsuits and towels.

-RSVP is your best acronym. Avoid costs for kids that skip the party.   Knowing an approximate head count helps save money by not ordering or preparing more food or party favors than needed.  For guests that have not replied by the RSVP, try sending a polite reminder of party date and time.  People may forget to RSVP.

-Buying food, drinks, and party favors as a one time purchase in bulk for large parties tends to be cheaper than buying in small quantities over multiple times.

paper towels in bulk:                                                toilet paper in bulk:


tissues in bulk 8 pack:                                              wipes in bulk:


magic erasers 8 pack               Tide pens to go 6 pack (great party favor too)

diaper brand variety pack

Doordash, GrubHub, and  Dine in CT  are food delivery services that work with a selected list of restaurants found on their websites to deliver food to homes, venues, or other locations for a fee.  Delivery is limited to certain distances.  Food delivery services save the inconvenience of having someone leave the party or arrive late to get the food and bring it back for guests.

-try to borrow chairs, tables, serving ware, and games from a friend instead of buying solely for the party

shoe rack for guests                                               toiletries for overnight guests



dishwasher tablets                                                         purse and hat organizer

-designate one bin for trash with a sign or label and one bin for recycling to avoid confusion or guests asking what goes where.  It saves the time from you (or having guests or assistants) digging through the trash later to save recyclable items and helps the environment.  Plus, soda cans are redeemable for cash at the supermarket.

popup recycling bins:                                 apply stickers to containers:




 trash bags                 cleaner

-save time in the kitchen by placing all food scraps into one big bowl and then transfer to composter instead of making multiple trips

-designate an area for gifts, such as a table, cart, or bin

stock up on adult + children’s hangers for coats, jackets, purses:


anti skid socks for boys + girls


-decide before the party date who will write down a list of gifts given from respective guests

-pick a pal to snap photos of the party from start to finish since as a host or hostess you may be too busy and forget

-decide who will pass out party favors at the end of the party

-follow up with thank you cards within a month of the party date

48 pack thank you cards with envelopes, pen, + sealing stickers $14.99; gold + white 100 pack $20.95


60 thank you postcards $9.99                         500 count roll of thank you stickers


thank you stamps ~$8 to ~$10 each


stamp “thank you” on blank cardstock or affix thank you stickers on stationary